Tuesday, 22 August 2006

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Welcome to Hameed-Nadeemz Music!

     For most people, life is all about getting up in the morning, clocking in their nine hours of work and back to bed in the evening. I guess this routine sounds familiar to most of us. And most of our weekends are spent painting the town red, blue, yellow and every possible color of the rainbow with friends and family. But not for the two guys in the spotlight out here.

     With 23 summers completed, these software engineers are BOYS with a purpose: they not only have a hand for coding but an ear for music as well. Hameed's tryst with music can be traced back five years when he released a Kannada devotional album, followed by composing music for a Kannada movie. His compositions range from the contemporary to the unique, but retaining the basic Indian essence. Fusion music is his specialty and he loves playing and being in the background.

    Nadeem plays Dr Jekyll to Hameed's Mr Hyde. He is as outgoing as Hameed is reserved. He loves being a part of the limelight as Hameed prefers the background. His passion is playing the guitar and kisses the ground where Mark Knopfler walks and to add to this already multi-talented personality is the fact that he is a student of Hindustani classical music.

   So what binds these two personalities who are as different from chalk to cheese together? It is their passion and absolute devotion to music. It can be anything from rock to pop, from Western classical to Indian classical. This website is dedicated to the different genres of music that they enjoy listening to and playing. It also has a special section, where you can download some of their original compositions.


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